Areas of Competency and Specialisation

Our support services are provided on a consultancy basis to businesses with annual or projected annual turnovers of more then R 250 000.
These services include:


In this difficult time, getting loans from banks and other creditors is often difficult. We make it easy with our offering of direct Investment and/or loans from Private Lenders and or from large Funds.

We as part of a Group of Private lenders are ordinary people who have money to lend -- NOT a bank, but just as secure. Our terms are clear, and in 3-5 days we tell you if you are approved. We represent many private lenders, so your loan is looked at by multiple clients of ours.

If your Company needs help with financing for growth, or acquisition purposes, or balance sheet strength we have the resources and financial backing for you.

TRANS AFRICA conducts business throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa. We are actively pursuing Corporate Investments and Financings from $10,000,000 to over $75,000,000. We regard each Client as an opportunity to grow a long term successful relationship.

We work closely with management to design the proper structure that will meet their Company’s financial goals. We pre-underwrite and expedite senior and sub debt or investment financing for companies who face today’s challenges of obtaining adequate financing in today’s uncertain financial market environment.

Preparation of Sales / Business and Marketing Plans

Diaz Consulting (Pty) Ltd prepares customized plans that meet the requirements and needs of the client. The high-quality document meets the requirements of bank investors, government funding and financial institution. During the process, the client is provided with guidance, advice and overall viability of their business model.

Diaz Consulting (Pty) Ltd also assists the client in determining a competitive business strategy by finding new and innovative ways to make the client business more competitive.

This is made possible by providing customized solutions, which can be rolled out to support existing competitive business strategies.

Debt Consolidation or Alternative Dispute Resolution

Debt consolidation loans will pay the client’s loans, credit cards, clothing accounts, etc. and leave the client with one monthly payment provided the client’s affordability situation meets the requirements of the National Credit Law. We can assist the client to reduce his / her monthly payments on loans, accounts, etc. to improve monthly cash flow. Our assistance does not require court procedures and is called Alternative Dispute Resolution. We offer the service to clients that do not qualify for debt consolidation loans.


Build Financial Freedom

We are eager to answer any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us and find out how we can help you or your business with our comprehensive services and solutions.

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